TSX-Online Support Files

BBS22.ZIP 15,758 08/13/96
TSX-BBS V2.2 release notes
LANGUAGE.ZIP 89,582 10/24/99
This contains the files needed to adapt the TSX-BBS system for foreign language sites. Included are the source file for the phrases used internally by TSX-BBS and an executable program that rebuilds the language.LDF file from the source phrase file.
MASSMAIL.ZIP 1,873 01/14/96
*** SMTP Mass Mailing Utility *** Very Simple to use! Fast! Contains: MASSMAIL.TPR, MASSMAIL.TXT, and READ.ME. Written by Shawn Mowery, javaman@quest-net.com
NETCHECK.ZIP 43,672 11/09/95
Netcheck is an advanced ping now part of the standard TSX distribution. It can periodically check that you are connected to the net and do a SET PTA1/RESET. It also translates between ip addresses and hostnames.
READ.ME 167,705 04/23/99
Latest "READ.ME" file showing recent changes to TSX-BBS software
VERBS.TXT 21,537 07/20/95
This is a list of action verbs that I have entered into my test BBS. I did not come up with all the words myself. Enjoy!