TPL Programs for TSX-Online

ADOPTION.ZIP 2,209 11/07/94
Imports FILES.BBS from CD-ROMs into the TSX-BBS file library. Submitted by Chris Caforio.
AUTOP.ZIP 3,822 11/07/95
1.1. AutoPost for TSX-BBS systems. This program displays five current messages, entered by users who have previously posted to it, and then gives them the option of adding there own 2 cents.
BULLTSX.ZIP 18,765 04/27/95
BULL!\TSX is bulletins program for TSX-BBS. Bulletins are an efficient way of making sure of upcoming events, signifigant happenings, s Or you at least know they have knowledge of t BULL! was originally written for the Synchron finding out about TSX-BBS, I was lured away. TPL program in as many days. So if you find a and I'll see what I can do with about it. Please Note: This program is postcard-ware. It is
CCMAN02.ZIP 18,667 06/28/96
Credit card manager written in TPL.
CONNECT.ZIP 1,828 11/07/94
TPL script program to dial a number, log onto a BBS, and then cross-connect your keyboard and monitor so that you can access the system you are connected to.
CREDIT10.ZIP 6,320 06/26/95
Credit Card Door v1.0 --- A good door to get the credit card numbers for your users to register on your board. You can have numerous different plan of registration. Very nice door!!!
DIZADD.ZIP 2,464 11/07/94
Uses PKUNZIP to decompress a .ZIP file and then uses the FILE_ID.DIZ file for the BBS mult-line file description. Also adds the file with description to the BBS file library.
DUPCHECK.ZIP 3,771 11/07/94
Compares files in all BBS file directories looking for duplicates (i.e., files that exist in more than one directory). When duplicates are found one of the duplicate entries is deleted.
FILECHEC.ZIP 2,534 11/07/94
Compares the file sizes and dates of all files known to the BBS system with the actual files on disk and reports any discrepencies.
HTIMAGE.EXP 57,832 03/08/96
MAILCAN.ZIP 2,529 04/09/97
Cancels SMTP mail to or from an individual
MAKEDOC.ZIP 4,843 06/07/96
Creates an index for browsing S&H documentation on-line.
NSLOOKUP.ZIP 853 06/28/96
Nice little Name server lookup program submitted by Shawn Mowery
QOTDTSX.ZIP 225,594 04/21/95
Quote of the day TPL program submitted by Robert Porter
RENEWML.ZIP 19,423 07/03/96
Renewal utility submitted by Garth Peterson at YEBB.
SIGNUP.ZIP 5,252 07/07/99
Example of a web page and matching TPL script to sign up new customers for a TSX Online system.
TOPFILES.ZIP 2,588 11/07/94
Produces a list of files in all BBS file areas sorted in descending order by the number of downloads. The sorted list is written to a file that may be posted on the BBS.
UAFDUMP.TPL 1,571 10/06/95
Demonstrates how to extract selected fields from the userlog and write them to an ASCII file. Submitted by Dan Cappannari.
UCONVERT.ZIP 3,279 06/28/95
Programs to convert TBBS style userlist to TSX-BBS format. Written by Kevin Mathews.
USER10.ZIP 12,221 04/10/95
USER version 1.0, december 1994, (c) 1994 by Peter Brier This is a set of user managment utilities for TSX-BBS. All the programs are written in TPL (TSX Programming Language), and need TPR to run. Features are: Select users on any field, create userlist in any format and
XCONNECT.ZIP 739 08/21/96
TPL program to cross connect to a non TSX system such as TBBS.