TSX-32 and TSX-Lite utilities

COMPRESS.ZIP 60,008 03/27/95
Standard Unix COMPRESS and UNCOMPRESS programs
DISKCOPY.ZIP 17,020 11/22/96
Program to make block-for-block copies of diskettes under TSX.
DRIVER.ZIP 164,099 12/09/94
Skeleton drivers to accompany TSX-32 Driver Writer's Guide
FAX32 2,224,725 02/25/97
Specially written for TSX-32, Fax32 is a full feature facility to send and recieve faxes. Multiple concurrent out-bound fax modems are supported. A command line interface allows you to launch fax32 from any application. Author Computer Advocacy
FILTERS.EXP 36,678 10/20/94
Multi function record filtering utility: trims blanks, fixes, deblocks, paginates, columnates.
FOXSYFN.ZIP 22,815 07/10/95
Tsx-32 system interface API for Foxpro
RECALL.ZIP 54,318 10/10/94
Full screen version of the TSX-32 RECALL command
TAR.ZIP 23,363 03/27/95
Program to read Unix TAR files