The TSX-32 networking printer option enables our LPR/LPD client. This printing workhorse can simultaneously feed an arbitrary number of network printers such as HP JetDirect. These printers can be a combination of printers on your LAN and remote printers accessed over the Internet.

Network printing integrates seamlessly with TSX-32 print queues. You set up a print queue for each network printer and access them with explicit PRINT commands or implicitly by opening the associated "device" from application programs.

Network printing is done by a detached daemon program named NPSERVER. This program is driven by a simple text file named SY:NPSERVER.CTL. Here's an example:

SERVER 222.333.2.90

You will note that this control file specifies a directory name. This directory is the interface between the printing system and the network printer server. The printing system simply deposits temporary files into the named directory where NPSERVER finds them and sends them to the printer. This means that you can also bypass the entire TSX printing system and integrate network printing into your solution by simply depositing print files in the named directory.

Full documentation and the NPSERVER program itself are available for download in the upgrades area. The file to download is named NP.ZIP.