TSX-32 Version 5.20

                                 Release Notes

                Copyright (c) 1998.  S&H Computer Systems, Inc.


                               Table of Contents

      1. Support for Windows 95 Network Server  . . . . . . . . . . . .  1

      2. Enhancement to Network Printers  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1

      3. Enhancement to SYSMON program  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2

      4. Problems Corrected in Version 5.20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2


      1. Support for Windows 95 Network Server

      Version 5.20 features support for a Windows  implementation  of  the
      TSX-32  Network  server.   In an existing multi node TSX-32 network,
      it is the NETSERVE program  which  makes  it  possible  for  you  to
      access  files  and  other  resources  on  a remote node.  This works
      because a copy of the NETSERVE program on the remote node  runs  and
      performs system services on behalf of you, the client.

      The  Windows  implementation of the TSX-32 network server supports a
      subset  of  the  system  services  which  permit  most  common  file
      operations  to  be done on remote Windows 95 and Windows NT systems.
      The local TSX system is led to believe, by  the  SET  NODE  command,
      that  the  Windows  PC  is  running TSX.  The Windows network server
      then performs common file operations on the  remote  Windows  system
      just as you would to a remote TSX system.

      Note  that  this  makes the files on the Windows system available to
      the TSX system, but NOT the other way  around.   NFS  is  still  the
      only way to make the TSX-32 disks available under Windows.

      You  perform  operations  on the Windows files using the same syntax
      as you would another TSX node.  Suppose,  for  example,  you  had  a
      node  named  W95  which was equipped with Windows 95 and the Windows
      TSX network server.  You could then use commands such as these:

               DIR W95::C:\*.*
               DIR W95::C:\...\*.BAT
               COPY/CREDIR C:\ROVER\...\*.* W95::C:\...\*.*
               BACKUP W95::C:\...\*.* MT:W95
               RESTORE MT:W95

      With the support for the Windows 95 network  server  present  in
      TSX   version   5.2,   we   are  field  testing  and  preparing  the
      installation for the Windows 95 server program  itself.   Interested
      customers  are  encouraged  to  contact  us  to  arrange  a  30  day

      2. Enhancement to Network Printers

      Network  printer  support  has  been  enhanced  so  that   it   will
      simultaneously  drive  multiple  printers.  This prevents large jobs
      on one printer from disrupting service to  the  other  printers.   In
      addition,  a  timeout  has been added to all printer I/O so that the
      network printer server will gracefully recover from  printers  which
      have been turned off line.

      3. Enhancement to SYSMON program

      The  SYSMON  program  has  been enhanced with a display which orders
      jobs by I/O count, so that it is  possible  to  see  what  jobs  are
      causing large volumes of disk activity.

      4. Problems Corrected in Version 5.20

      1.  Under   certain   circumstances,  when  server  programs  accept
          connections and fork child  processes,  when  the  children  did
          network  I/O,  the  network  data  traffic  could  end  up being
          written into system files, often SY:MSGLIB.SYS.

      2.  The Directory command incorrectly reported free space  on  large
          drives which were mostly free.

      3.  If  a  non-tsxterm  session  connected  to  port  3 the NETSERVE
          program could crash.

      4.  E32 is now faster reading files over the network.