TSX-32 Version 5.30

                                 Release Notes

                Copyright (c) 1998.  S&H Computer Systems, Inc.


                               Table of Contents

      1. Continued support for Windows Networking . . . . . . . . . . .  1

      2. C PROGRAMMERS PLEASE NOTE: Change in SYSLIM.H  . . . . . . . .  1

      3. New Distribution Disk  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1

      4. New SYNC program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1

      5. New  MORE keyword  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1

      6. New FTP download log available . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2

      7. Problems Corrected in Version 5.30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2


      1. Continued support for Windows Networking

      With   version   5.30,  support  for  the  Windows  Network  Server,
      introduced with  version  5.20,  has  been  significantly  enhanced.
      Version  5.30  increases  the maximum length of a filename which can
      be transferred  from  or  to  a  Windows  system  from  70  to  200.
      Virtually  every  utility  program such as COPY, BACKUP, and RESTORE
      which  handle  files  have  been  rebuilt  to  handle   the   longer

      In  addition,  various  corrections  have  been  made to the Windows
      Network Server itself to increase its speed and reliability.


      The increase in  maximum  filename  length  MUST  BE  NOTED  by  any
      customers  with  C programs which use the parameter MXNLFLSPC, found
      in SYSLIM.H.  For  backwards  compatability  parameter  OLDMXNLFLSPC
      has been provided.

      3. New Distribution Disk

      The  TSX-32  distribution  set  has,  in the past, included a volume
      labelled "TSX-Term for Windows".  This  has  been  replaced  with  a
      volume  labelled  "Windows  Utilities for TSX".  This diskette has a
      single  SETUP.EXE  which  will   install   TSX-Term   for   Windows,
      TSX-Online for Windows, and TSX Network Server for Windows.

      4. New SYNC program

      The  SYNC  program  can  be  used  to synchronize the execution of a
      batch job, detached job, or  command  procedure  with  another  job.
      Use    SYNC/ID=nnn    to    wait    until   job   'nnn'   completes,
      SYNC/PROGRAM=name to wait until no  job  is  running  the  specified
      program,  and  SYNC/NAME=name to wait until no job has the specified
      job name.

      5. New  MORE keyword

      With increasing access to TSX systems  through  the  Internet,  many
      users  find  themselves  issuing commands like SHOW SYSTEM to remote
      systems through Telnet.  Output of these commands is often  lost  as
      it  scrolls  by  at  unpredictable  speeds.   For those TSKMON based
      commands which are likely to produce output that exceeds  a  screen,
      a new MORE prefix has been implemented.  For example, if you type:

               SHOW SYSTEM

      the  list  of jobs on the system will be displayed with no pause, as
      always.  However, if you type:

               MORE SHOW SYSTEM

      then the list of jobs will pause every  24  lines  and  ask  you  to
      press  Enter.   Note that the MORE keyword is not a general "Piping"
      facility built into the operating system, so that use  of  the  MORE
      prefix  will  be  ignored  for  programs  which  do not specifically
      support it.  The DIR program does behave as if  DIR/PAUSE  had  been
      typed  when  MORE  is used, and TYPE does behave as if the TYPE/PAGE
      command was  issued  when  MORE  is  used.   We  expect  to  include
      additional support for the MORE keyword in upcoming releases.

      6. New FTP download log available

      The  FTP  daemon,  SY:FTPD.EXP,  now supports creation of a log file
      which documents all downloads and uploads from  your  system.   This
      file  can then be used, for example, to compute download statistics.
      To active this new feature assign the name of the file you  wish  to
      logical name FTPD_STAT, as with the following command:


      Normally   such  a  command  would  be  placed  in  SY:LSTARTUP.CMD.
      Remember that it is possible you will need to use the  FMAN  program
      to  establish  appropriate  file  protection rules or else FTP users
      won't have the privilege to write into the file.

      7. Problems Corrected in Version 5.30

      1.  The posixlib stat() function failed if directory had a  trailing

      2.  The  directory  browse  feature of the web server, SY:HTTPD.EXP,
          did not work.

      3.  FTPBOT failed to log in to an NT host running WART FTPD.

      4.  The password for the current account was not set correctly  when
          submitting  a  batch  job,  so  access  to a remote network node
          would be rejected because the password expected  at  the  remote
          node was not correct.

      5.  HTTPD   did  not  find  'welcome  file'  names  when  protection
          directives were used.

      6.  DOS  programs  which  took  over  interrupt  24  could   receive
          incorrect   file   open  error  information  if  they  requested
          extended error information from within the INT24 routine.