TSX-32 SCSI Adapter Support

This driver provides access to the SCSI bus(es) connected to Adaptec SCSI Host Bus Adapters in the AIC7XXX Family.  Supported chips include: AIC7770, AIC7850, AIC7855, AIC7859, AIC7860, AIC7870, AIC7880, AIC7890, AIC7891, AIC7892, AIC7895, AIC7896, AIC7897 and AIC7899 host adapter chips.

These chips are found on many motherboards as well as the following Adaptec SCSI controller cards: 274X(W), 274X(T), 284X, 2910, 2915, 2920, 2930C, 2930U2, 2940, 2940U, 2940AU, 2940UW, 2940UW Dual, 2940UW Pro, 2940U2W, 2940U2B, 2950U2W, 2950U2B, 19160B, 29160B, 29160N, 3940, 3940U, 3940AU, 3940UW, 3940AUW, 3940U2W, 3950U2, 3960, 39160, 3985, and 4944UW.

     Chip    MIPS Bus       MaxSync MaxWidth      SCBsFeatures
     aic7770 10   EISA/VL   10MHz   16Bit         41
     aic7850 10   PCI/32    10MHz   8Bit 3
     aic7855 10   PCI/32    10MHz   8Bit 3
     aic7856 10   PCI/32    10MHz   8Bit 3
     aic7859 10   PCI/32    20MHz   8Bit 3
     aic7860 10   PCI/32    20MHz   8Bit 3
     aic7870 10   PCI/32    10MHz   16Bit         16
     aic7880 10   PCI/32    20MHz   16Bit         16
     aic7890 20   PCI/32    40MHz   16Bit         16    3 4 5 6 7 8
     aic7891 20   PCI/64    40MHz   16Bit         16    3 4 5 6 7 8
     aic7892 20   PCI/64-66 80MHz   16Bit         16    3 4 5 6 7 8
     aic7895 15   PCI/32    20MHz   16Bit         16  2 3 4 5
     aic7895C     15        PCI/32  20MHz         16Bit16  2 3 4 5     8
     aic7896 20   PCI/32    40MHz   16Bit         16  2 3 4 5 6 7 8
     aic7897 20   PCI/64    40MHz   16Bit         16  2 3 4 5 6 7 8
     aic7899 20   PCI/64-66 80MHz   16Bit         16  2 3 4 5 6 7 8

  1. Multiplexed Twin Channel Device - One controller servicing two busses.
  2. Multi-function Twin Channel Device - Two controllers on one chip.
  3. Command Channel Secondary DMA Engine - Allows scatter gather list and SCB prefetch.
  4. 64 Byte SCB Support - Allows disconnected, unttagged request table for all possible target/lun combinations.
  5. Block Move Instruction Support - Doubles the speed of certain sequencer operations.
  6. "Bayonet" style Scatter Gather Engine - Improves S/G prefetch performance.
  7. Queuing Registers - Allows queuing of new transactions without pausing the sequencer.
  8. Multiple Target IDs - Allows the controller to respond to selection as a target on multiple SCSI IDs.

     Controller        Chip   Host-Bus    Int-Connectors    Ext-Connectors
     AHA-2940AU      aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M         SE-HD50F
     AVA-2902I       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AVA-2902E       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AVA-2906        aic7856   PCI/32          SE-50M         SE-DB25F
     APC-7850        aic7850   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AVA-2940        aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AHA-2920B       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AHA-2930B       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AHA-2920C       aic7856   PCI/32          SE-50M          SE-HD50F
     AHA-2930C       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AHA-2930C       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AHA-2910C       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AHA-2915C       aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M
     AHA-2940AU/CN   aic7860   PCI/32          SE-50M          SE-HD50F
     AHA-2944W       aic7870   PCI/32     HVD-HD68F/HVD-50M    HVD-HD68F
     AHA-3940W       aic7870   PCI/32      2 X SE-HD68F        SE-HD68F
     AHA-2940UW      aic7880   PCI/32      SE-HD68F/SE-50M     SE-HD68F
     AHA-2940U       aic7880   PCI/32          SE-50M          SE-HD50F
     AHA-2940D       aic7880   PCI/32
     AHA-2940 A/T    aic7880   PCI/32
     AHA-2940D A/T   aic7880   PCI/32
     AHA-3940UW      aic7880   PCI/32       2 X SE-HD68F       SE-HD68F
     AHA-3940UWD     aic7880   PCI/32       2 X SE-HD68F    2 X SE-UHD68F
     AHA-3940U       aic7880   PCI/32        2 X SE-50M        SE-HD50F
     AHA-2944UW      aic7880   PCI/32    HVD-HD68F/HVD-50M     HVD-HD68F
     AHA-3944UWD     aic7880   PCI/32       2 X HVD-HD68F   2 X HVD-UHD68F 
     AHA-4944UW     aic7880    PCI/32
     AHA-2930UW     aic7880    PCI/32
     AHA-2940UW Pro aic7880    PCI/32    SE-HD68F/SE-50M      SE-HD68F
All Three
     AHA-2940UW/CN  aic7880    PCI/32
     AHA-2940UDual  aic7895    PCI/32
     AHA-2940UWDual aic7895    PCI/32
     AHA-3940UWD    aic7895    PCI/32
     AHA-3940AUW    aic7895    PCI/32
     AHA-3940AUWD   aic7895    PCI/32
     AHA-3940AU     aic7895    PCI/32
     AHA-3944AUWD   aic7895    PCI/32    2 X HVD-HD68F           2 X
     AHA-2940U2B    aic7890         PCI/32           LVD-HD68F
     AHA-2940U2 OEM aic7890/91
     AHA-2940U2W    aic7890         PCI/32  LVD-HD68F/SE-HD68F/SE-50M
     AHA-2950U2B    aic7891         PCI/64         LVD-HD68F
     AHA-2930U2     aic7890         PCI/32  LVD-HD68F/SE-50M
     AHA-3950U2B    aic7896/97
     AHA-3950U2D    aic7896/97
     AHA-29160      aic7892
     AHA-29160 CPQ  aic7892
     AHA-29160N     aic7892   PCI/32    LVD-HD68F/SE-50M         SE-HD50F
     AHA-29160LP    aic7892
     AHA-19160      aic7892
     AHA-29150LP    aic7892
     AHA-29130LP    aic7892
     AHA-3960D      aic7899   PCI/64-66 2 X LVD-HD68F/LVD-50M     2 X
     AHA-3960D CPQ  aic7899   PCI/64-66 2 X LVD-HD68F/LVD-50M     2 X
     AHA-39160      aic7899   PCI/64-66 2 X LVD-HD68F/LVD-50M     2 X

Driver features include support for twin and wide busses, fast, ultra, ultra2, or ultra 160 synchronous transfers depending on controller type, tagged queuing and SCB paging.