The optional NFS (Network File System) component for TSX allows TSX to act as an NFS server for DOS and Windows systems. NFS is a system-independent file access system which allows third-party client software running on DOS, Windows, and other systems, to access files stored on the TSX system.

Note: NFS is only needed for remote file access if you wish to access TSX files from non-TSX systems such as DOS or Windows. The file access that is a standard part of TSX networking permits transparent access to files from one TSX system to another TSX system. The native TSX file networking system supports all file operations such as open, close, read, write, and record locking. A file on a remote node can be accessed by simply prepending a node specification of the form "node::" to the file specification. For example, a file on a node named "BBS" might be referenced as "BBS::C:\WORK\MAY.DAT".