Price List

Effective June, 2001 ($US)

TSX-32 (3)     

Product (1) List Price Support (2)
Per 32-Users $1,450 $500/year
Nine-User $850 $500/year
Five-User $650 $500/year
Single-User $450 $275/year

Networking (5)

Product List Price Support (2)
TSX-Term (4) $185 $ 65/year
TSX-Net (5) $250 $ 75/year
Network Utilities $500 $ 75/year
Phone-Net $500 $150/year
NFS Server $500 $150/year
Windows Networking $250 $ 75/year
Network Printing $185 $ 65/year

Disk Shadowing (6)

Product List Price Support (2)
Local $1,150 $ 345/year
Remote $7,500 $1,875/year


TSX-32 Evaluation (7)

Product List Price Support
Evaluation System $120 N/A

Prices may change without notice. Tennessee residents add sales tax.
Software licensed according to the S&H Software License Agreement.


1.  Includes: single system license, documentation, media, domestic shipping, and an initial term of Support as defined below. Layered products' initial term of support is the support term of the underlying TSX-32 license.

2.  Software System Support includes: telephone consultation, and the option to receive upgrades for the cost of media, documentation and shipping fees. Support renewal has a term of one (1) year.

3.  Includes: device drivers (consult TSX-32 Compatible Interfaces list)  and ninety (90) days of support (except 32-Users and above include one (1) year of support).

4. The TSX-Term client for DOS and Windows is licensed for use on all PCs connecting to the licensed TSX-32 system.

5. All networking options require TSX-Net.  Consult the TSX-32 Compatible Interfaces for supported network interface cards.  Phone-Net and Phone-Net Server require TPL.

6. LOCAL: for one computer. REMOTE: for two TSX-32 systems with TSX-Net and Ethernet networking.

7. Thirty day evaluation of TSX-32. Includes: TSX-Term and all TSX-Net products. Free unlimited telephone consultation for 30 days. Full credit for purchase price when a TSX-32 license is purchased within 90 days.

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