Learn more about the capabilites of the TSX-32 operating system.   TSX-32 is a general purpose multi-user multi-tasking OS with real-time facilities for the X86 platform.  Use it as an Internet server or as a development platform for your own custom applications.

Operating System (OS)
Comprehensive information on the TSX-32 OS.
TCP/IP Peer to Peer Networking
Transparent access to remote files, peripherals, and programs, remote login and more!
Network Utilities
TCP/IP Application Tool Kit information.
NFS Server
Allows NFS clients running on non-TSX platforms to use TSX-32 as a file server.
PC terminal emulation, modem control, background file transfers and printing.
Connect TSX systems to dial-up Internet providers, WAN support.
Windows Network Server
Add all your Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT systems to your TSX-32 network!
Network Printing
Seamlessly integrates network printers such as HP JetDirect with the TSX-32 printing system.
Price list
Release notes for latest and prior versions
Release Version
This is the place to download stock distributions of TSX-32
Shareware Version
Download the shareware version of TSX-32.

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