The optional TSX-Net networking system offers transparent access to remote files, peripherals and programs as well as remote login (SET HOST) among TSX-32 systems. Record locking is supported through the network, allowing you to have shared databases accessed from any computer on the network. TSX-Net uses the industry-standard TCP/IP protocol which provides peer-to-peer services so that every computer has equal standing and there is no master computer or dedicated file server. Any program on any computer in the network can access any file, peripheral, or program on any other computer in the network. Single-user and multi-user TSX-32 systems can be configured into a LAN using high speed Ethernet links, or a WAN over async serial lines. Accessing shared data bases (with record locking), remote printers, and other remote devices is as easy as adding a network "node" name to a file specification. For example, the following specification is for a file on the network node named DEV: "DEV::C:\ALPHA\JUNE.DAT". TSX-Net implements the Berkeley "Sockets" API for program-to-program communication.