The TSX-32 Windows Network Server extends TSX-32 peer to peer networks to include Windows systems. This powerful feature presents any Windows computer on your network as if it were running TSX-32. This means that the contents of the hard drives on your Windows system are accessible to TSX-32. This means that you will be able to use TSX-32 commands like COPY, TYPE, DELETE, and RENAME to manipulate files on the Windows PC. What's more, programs running on the TSX-32 system can create, write, and read files. The fact that the files reside on the Windows system is completely transparent to the program. You can use the TSX-32 BACKUP and RESTORE utilities, together with a tape drive or removable hard drive on your TSX system, to back up critical files or entire Windows workstations over the network. Networking is licensed on the TSX-32 system, so the single $250 license fee permits you to run the Windows network server on an unlimited number of Windows systems. To try out Windows Network Server for yourself, TSX-32 Windows Integration Kit, which includes Windows Network Server, TSX-Term, Edit-32 for Windows, as well as Windows versions of popular TSX-32 utilities like DIR, DIFF, SEARCH, and DUMP. Then, run the TSXW010.EXE on your PC and install Windows networking. Call us for a free 30 day key to enable Windows Networking on your TSX-32 system.